SSG David C. DOLBY, 64, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions on 21 May, 1966, died August 6 in Spirit Lake, Idaho while visiting friends.

 David Dolby was born 14 May, 1946 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  His father worked for BF Goodrich and was a Prisoner of War during World War II.

 SSG Dolby, known as “Mad Dog” to friends that served with him was a big man who was active with Veteran’s causes and attended several Association reunions and Veterans Day gatherings in Washington, DC.  He signed friends up as Associate members of the 1st Cavalry Division Association to ensure that they received the annual calendar and Saber.

 He earned the Medal of Honor while serving with B Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry, Jumping Mustangs, during his first tour in Vietnam.  He would return to Vietnam four more times serving with units not in the 1st Cavalry Division.  His other military decorations included the Silver Star, three awards of the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart.  SSG Dolby left the military in 1971 and has worked in a tire factory, steel mill and as a painter.

 SSG Dolby was preceded in death by his wife, Xuan, whom he met in Vietnam.  He is survived by his mother, Mary, and a brother, Daniel, that he was estranged from.

B G S.L.A. Marshall dedicated an entire chapter in his book about Vietnam, Battles in the Monsoon, to him.  Marshall said that Dolby was “one of the rarest of warriors — a man with keen imagination who at the same time, when under fire, seems to be wholly without fear.”

 A Memorial Service was held on 18 September in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.  His private funeral is pending at Arlington National Cemetery in December.

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