Normally I would simply enter a reply on line and will do so again if you wish, but I really would appreciate it if you could send this on to Joe Hogg, if you have his email. I have been trying to reach anyone who could recall the term of “Silver Dagger” Sections that were put up for Illingworth, and particularly the team that stayed on station until they just about ran out of fuel. He siad he was the one we are looking for.

 Steve Nicolich was in the Fire Direction Center of 77th Artillery who was aware the radio relay by a team on station.  The 19th Artillery battalion was on FSB Jay in charge of Artillery fires and it was their Daily Staff Journal’s showing that 11 (or 13) Sections of ARA were put up that morning. And thier DSJs say they kept ‘bouncing’ another section of Silver Dagger. I am not sure if the term Silver Dagger was generic and made up by 19th Arty for Blue Max or if that was a call sign.  But the most important thing is to hopefully be able to reach Joe Hogg to thank him and his team mates for their support and also for his particular support in staying on station to relay artillery. 

 I also have quite a few other email addressee’s I can include who are aware of Blue Max but can’t say for sure what call sign was being used at the time.

 If you can use this email to make a post on line (if you can’t forward to him), we sure would appreciate it a great deal.


 Jack Morrison

77th Artillery.

 Posted by Randall at 12/15/2009 8:08 PM

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