Glad to find your website,My name is Chuck Berg I also served with D 2nd 5th Air Cav from Jan 1969 to Jan 1970.I stated out as pointman for 3rd platoon My Squad leader Sgt David King was killed after a sniper attack Feb 20 , later I was part of a mortar platoon till our Sgt James Hilliard was killed May 26 our company was mortared after finding a weapons cache along a trail,I was also wounded at this time, He is in the Life magazines One weeks dead June 1969 .I was the Rto for the 3rd platoon Leader the night LZ Ike was attacked , My good friend Martin McZeal {Zeek} was killed June 18  he was in 1st platoon. Elijah Ingram June 19, Kia, On June 20  Capt John DeMay,Joe Goetzer Jr, Craig Hanson, Keith Olson,Larry Poling Were also Killed All of this info I have gotten from my searching the internet and finding the web site 5th US Cavalry and 2nd 12 Us Cavalry 1st Calvary Division It Has alot of information plus Memorial pages for each Company That’s how I have gotten most of the names. From what I can remember the first rocket hit our Company Commanders bunker,Killing Capt DeMay  My platoon leader took over command and helped to get the guys out on the listing post back in to the Lz.It was a miracle.After being wounded for the second time June 20 sent back to Tay Ninh to recover, is were I must have Got the Cavalair news paper with the article about The assault on Lz Ike, Caption reads THIRD ASSAULT ON LZ IKE CATCHES LP OUTSIDE WIRE,RESULTS IN 90 NVA DEAD. it is dated July 23 1969.I have had it since I returned from Viet Nam  .I can either send you a copy ,or type it to you, what ever you would like for posting on yor site. Reading the stores everyone else has posted has brought back alot of memories from that year that most of us have hidden away for 41 years so hoping this will help .

 Posted by Randall at 3/31/2011 11:01 AM

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