This amazing story was sent to me by a family of American Patriots.  Our nation is fortunate to have families that love their country enough to put their lives on the line for their country.  Thank God for the Green family and for thousands of other families across this great land that put their faith in God and Country.  As long as we have patriots like this family of patriots, our nation will stand strong against our enemies.  I pray that the rest of us might gain insight into the call of duty that we must all share as we defend this nation on every front.  We need people in every phase of American life with the nerve to serve as needed to continue to build our nation.


 In his story Doug Crow stated that the only explanation why they weren’t hit by the ak spray other than devine intervention was that the rounds went between them. To this I reply…

 If the ak rounds went between the 10 of you that WAS devine intervention. My son Dan ser.w/2nd 508th 82nd abn inf afghanistan his platoon was ambushed somewhere near pakistani border. Dan said it was a perfect ambush. A classic L, the enemy held the high ground, the sun was in thier eyes and it should have been slaughter. Est. enemy strength between 35-50 al quadea armed with at least 3 chinese heavy mac.guns-countless rpgs and ak47’s.

 When it was over and the cordite drifted like a cloud over the battlefield…Not one soldier from his platoon was dead. One man had a small piece of rock hit him in the shoulder leaving a bruise this the only wound. Dan’s gunner was stuck in the turret so Dan dismounted his vehicle & took positon between attackers & his buddy. He said he watched tracers from the chinese machine guns coming directly to them SWERVING away at the last minute. the same thing with the rpgs w/several actually bouncing off the ground in front of them failing to detonate then sailing off harmlessly in the air to land behind them. Hundreds of ak47 rds whizzing all around striking vehicles & “pinging” off of them like a hail storm but hitting no one. One round shattered a side window but the man inside had just bent over to retrieve a fresh ammo clip for his m-4. Not a scratch.

 The martyrs of islam were not so fortunate suffering 10 dead on the battlefield-numerous drag trails-& 17 afghan “farmers” w/ACCIDENTAL gunshot wounds showed up within an hour at a local hosp. where they were treated then promptly taken prisoner. Withering accurate fire from thier 240 b’s had their faces in the dust for evening prayers a good hour & a half early. allah must have been on r&r that day. 

 Meanwhile back in the states Momma & Daddy were on their knees nearly 24/7. The result for the soldiers of 2/508th Charlie co…Every man without exception knew that they KNEW… SOMETHING happened out there that man cannot explain.

Boys from all walks of life and levels of faith & non-faith came to the same conclusion:

 Angels on the Battlefield

 For more on this story go to www.steveraygreen.com . btw I was in A btry 2/32 at fsb st. barbara on the night of june 18th, 1969. We could see the flashes of impacting rounds & the blue-green  &  red tracers sweeping the sky-line in the distance.  We sent some “airmail” to Ike that night via 2 of our 8″ guns if I recall. and I do. My son is home & out now.

 However, yesterday I said good bye to my youngest daughter as she returned to Afghanistan from mid-tour leave. She, like her brother & father before her is less than 5 miles from the Border at fob spin buldac in southern kandahar province. Just before she deployed this spring she recieved radiation treatment for cancer inside her eye ball & her soon to be ex-husband ( an afghan vet) put a .45 he thought was loaded to her head and pulled the trigger. ( Unknown to him she had unloaded the weapon on dad’s advice the night before).

 She fought hell & earth him & it and the united states army for her right to deploy with her unit. She IS a warrior in every sense of the word tho our generation has a hard time seeing women do the job. Her name is SSGT Christina Otto. We call her Full-Otto. At 5′ 2&1/2″ & 120 lbs she looks like a pixie elf but she will kick you in the jimmies & drop you down to her level then swing that m-4 up before you can say allah be praised.

 She is with a battlefield surveillance unit. This is military intelligence personnel cross-trained in infantry tactics ( a total of 16 days of inf. training) in order to gather & analyze intel first hand during the battle. As always, whether the officer that devised this strategy should be honored as a genuis or shot as a traitor will only be determined by the number of dead at the end of the day.  I had to shorten this story to fit in the box so I decided to send you the rest. We appreciate We-Were-Soldiers.

thanks Randall

The Greens

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