This article was submited by Jack L. Morrison. Thank you Jack for this valuable submission.

 The Virtual Wall has a new format for the website effective November 11, 2009. Visit it at .

 The Virtual Wall is an on-line Vietnam War memorial. The website opened on March 23, 1997 and is run by the not-for-profit organization, Ltd.

 The Virtual Wall originally only had a separate memorial page for each casualty remembered by those requesting the creation of a memorial page.

 Effective November 11, every casualty listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) in Washington D.C. now has a basic memorial page on The Virtual Wall, not just those who had one requested. 

 Each basic memorial page contains casualty  (basic and expanded) information and graphics of military unit patches and awards. The Virtual Wall database will continue to accumulate information from relatives or friends of a casualty contributing remembrances, photographs and their own details to The Virtual Wall using the websites free-to-use facilities. For the prior existing memorial pages, the website includes a list of those awarded military honors, the use of photographs in a pictorial index and a search facility. It has enabled thousands of contacts between relatives and military buddies of a casualty. The Virtual Wall is modeled on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Washington, DC, USA, which has the names of over 58,000 American military men.

 As soon as The Virtual Wall resumes accepting requests for adding more information to the basic pages, the new memorial pages may contain one or more photographs, remembrances, citations of awards for valor, and a synopsis of the incident that caused the loss of life, the same as the older memorial pages contain. 

 For anyone wishing to add a link to their web site (send to any webmaster you know who may be interested), you can now add a link from your web site to lists of Vietnam War casualties from cities or towns in your area.

 The state index pages of The Virtual Wall have named anchors for every city and town that had casualties, for example:   Denver, CO  New Castle, DE

 All links should begin with   // this link does not go to a page

 then the two-letter state abbreviation then .htm# then the city of town name, no spaces, all lower case

(We read that some browsers are case-sensitive to named anchors)

 Please pass this information to anyone you know who may be interested in seeing the new version of The Virtual Wall and a basic memorial page for their loved one.

 Jack Morrison


The Virtual Wall.

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  1. Has any one heard from Col. Jack L. Morrison recently? Several years ago he was gathering information on survivors from FSB Jay, FSB Illingworth and FSB Atkinson in order to apply for official recognition of these battles. My e-mail address for Col Morrison is no longer any good. Looking for an update on his progress.

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