April 1 is a BIG DAY for Illingworth Survivors

We are almost to April 1. The visits to this site skyrocket around April 1 and I want to invite everyone to please read the invitation to tell your story about FSB Illingworth. I continue to get comments from nuts about crazy things they want to sell. Please be aware that none of those will ever get posted on this site.

Jerry Granberg and I need the stories from every man who served on Illingworth and was there for the battle on April 1, 1970. Every year I celebrate life on April 1st in a way that can never be understood by people who never fought to stay alive as we did on Illingworth. I want to thank every man who served on Illingworth and who cherishes life each day. 


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  • 1/30/2012 1:16 PM Charles H beauchamp wrote:
    Need to renew contact with George Hobson and the rest of the Illingsworth list. Lost my contact list due to a computer misshap.
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  • 2/2/2013 8:55 AM Felix Frye wrote:
    I was there, but don't remember too much. I do remember that there was a meeting between the section chief and the BC, more or less begging him to get us out of there before we were attacked. We had been moving on raids every three to four days. We knew we had over stayed our welcome and could not understand why they were keeping us there. I don't remember when we got to Illingworth, but it was starting to bother everyone that our stay there was just too long and we would be sitting ducks. There was lots of movement in the tree line at night and reports of heavy ground vehicles out there. We all knew it would happen it was just a matter of when. I do remember them telling us that we had to stay put, for now.

    I also remember being on the opposite side of the line of attack. My gun section (B Battery 1/77)was next to TOC. I slept in my bunker with my shoes on and my flak jacket, steel pot, and sixteen next to my side. If memories serve me right one of the first incoming rounds hit TOC directly. Then all hell broke loose. I recall the mortars were near our gun section and they were taken out early on. I remember guys screaming that we were being overrun. One guy was a grunt and was firing from out parapet wall, just shooting at the anything in front of him.

    At one point I believe we were the only 105 firing. Three had taken direct hits and the other two had wounded on them. We dropped the tube and were trying to fire a beehive, but I can't remember if we did or were just talking about it. we took a hit on our parapet wall and that pretty much knock me out. Went through the rest of the night flashing in and out. I was medivaced with battle fatigue sometime after the sun was coming up.

    I'd love to know when you publish. I am trying to recall some of that night. For the longest I thought it was just a bad dream.
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