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Were You in 11th Armored Cav on Illingworth?


 Welcome home and thank you for your service to our Nation.

 My name is Don Snedeker and I am the historian for the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of ...

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   This site existsfor you the U.S. Veteran and current soldiers. You can add your story tothis site to help tell the complete story of all our service in themilitary. Every event that happened while you were in the military is ofinterest and can be part of history. Your story is important. Thereare people that you served with who will be glad to know that they did not justdream the episode that you record. That happened ... << MORE >>

Recovery of KIA at FSB Illingworth

A very close friend of mine, Michael Kilgore, has posted a comment about the recovery of bodies on Illingworth. Here is the comment that Mike posted:

After mortars left LZ Illingworth the next day who recovered the remains of 
Casey Waller from Recon or was ...
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Ed Collins

April 9, 2011, Ed Collins finished his last battle here on earth and passed on to be with our God.

Ed Collins was one of my heroes in this life. Ed was the man I told about loading on a chopper the morning after the battle on FSB Illingworth. Ed had been placed in a group that was to be loaded on one of the last choppers because no one thought anyone in that group could even live to get to the rear for treatment. I did not know Ed at that time. He was ...
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A Letter of Special Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the soldiers and airmen who participated in the battle of Firebase Illingworth on April 1st 1970.  I have you and especially the families and friends of the 25 men who contributed their lives to thank for 41 wonderful years. Since that morning I have lived a very full and prosperous life. My four adult children and my grand children have you to thank for their very existence. I am completely convinced that without the bravery and unbelievable effort ...

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April 1 is a BIG DAY for Illingworth Survivors

We are almost to April 1. The visits to this site skyrocket around April 1 and I want to invite everyone to please read the invitation to tell your story about FSB Illingworth. I continue to get comments from nuts about crazy things they want to sell. Please be aware that none of those will ever get posted on this site.

Jerry Granberg and I need the stories from every man who served on Illingworth and was there for the battle on April 1, 1970. Every year I celebrate life on April 1st in a ...
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Invitation to FSB Illingworth Participants

  During the past few years I have come to realize that those of us on FSB Illingworth on the night of March 31, 1970 and the morning of April 1, 1970, when the battle took place, were used as bait to draw the enemy out for a decisive battle. The situation was weighed and we were determined to be expendable. I know that many will blast me for this statement, but it is a fact.

  Jerry Granberg and Randall Richards are beginning work on a book about FSB Illingworth and the terrible battle on April ...
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Chuck Berg Survived and Tells Story

Glad to find your website,My name is Chuck Berg I also served with D 2nd 5th Air Cav from Jan 1969 to Jan 1970.I stated out as pointman for 3rd platoon My Squad leader Sgt David King was killed after a sniper attack Feb 20 , later I was part of a mortar platoon till our Sgt James Hilliard was killed May 26 our company was mortared after finding a weapons cache along a trail,I was also wounded at this time, He is in the Life magazines One weeks dead June 1969 .I was the Rto for the 3rd platoon Leader the night LZ Ike was attacked , My good friend ... << MORE >>


Written by SP4 Richard Craig
in the Cavalair newspaper

This article has been preserved by Charles Berg and I am posting it here for the heroism of the brave men who fought with Charles on LZ Ike.

     TAY NINH—-The six men on the listening post, ...
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LZ Ike: Hell on Earth

Today I received a gut wrenching story from Robert Cammann. Robert lived through hell on earth at LZ Ike. The 2/5 of the 1st Cav was on LZ Ike before the 2/8 of the 1st Cav. moved in. Robert's story makes one wonder how any infantryman survived a year in Vietnam. I am publishing Robert's story here just as he wrote it for me. There are names of men listed at the end of the story that I am certain Robert would love to hear from.

I was introduced to L/Z ...
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Please write your story and email it to me at richards706@charter.net. I will edit the story and post it. Your name will appear as the author of the story. Thanks, Randall

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